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PAN-UNIVERSAL GALACTIC WORLDWIDE is a Southern California-based creative production company specializing in custom publishing, talent consulting, and creating the best comics, games, prose, art books, RPGS and more anywhere in this or any other universe. Sometimes we make things for ourselves, sometimes for our partners, but always first, foremost and forever for the fans.

Conan Colossal Edition Art Book

Conan The Barbarian - Colossal Edition

Pulled from throughout the original legendary run of CONAN comics and magazines, gathered into one place for the first time ever, timeless works by the greatest chroniclers of the Hyborian Age are assembled in CONAN THE BARBARIAN - COLOSSAL EDITION!

Boasting more than 160 pages of original art reproduced at their original size, allowing every detail to sing — every muscle, every sword, every drop of blood and bead of sweat - the book presents glorious full-color reproductions of the original art, from inked lineart to beautiful gray washes, and even vivid paintings from the Cimmerian’s comic book adventures.

COLOSSAL Editions deliver art from the biggest artists on larger-than-life properties scanned from the original art and presented at its full original size.

Carefully curated and printed at the highest quality each Colossal Edition also presents key historical information that helps put the art in the context of the character.


From the acclaimed Transformers team of  John Barber and Andrew Lee Griffith comes an new science fiction adventure  about finding hope when all seems lost and maybe even saving the solar system. Plus, there’s cool giant robots.

Pan-Universal Galactic Worldwide is excited  bring John and Andrew’s vision to life and introduce the world to Ketna Vora, SIGNA, and crew of the Artemis who just might have found the key to saving what’s left of humanity.


SIGNA #1 Barber / Griffith
Everyone Else Thinks This Game is Awesome with Zach and Kelly Weinersmith

Everyone Else Thinks This Game is Awesome

In collaboration with Zach and Kelly Weinersmith, authors of the bestselling Soonish,  and under our Erasmus Fox imprint, we successfully Kickstarted and launched the peer reviewed trivia game where you can win either by knowing the truth, or knowing who doesn’t.

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We’re always looking for more cool things to make, great brands to partner with, exciting creators to help, and cool collaborators to work with so if you’ve got an idea (or a question) about how we could work together drop us a line.

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